Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Your body believes everything your mind tells it...

I truly believe this.  I think we can control a lot of what goes on in our bodies with our minds.  I was reminded of this when I was reading over a site that I recently found.  Here it is:

The creator of the site, Rebecca Hoover, has been living (and living well) with ms for many years.  She feels that diet, exercise and a positive attitude have been the key in keeping herself attack free for much of her life.  I stumbled onto some interesting research that found that people who resigned themselves to the fact that they would be limited due to their ms and worried excessively about their futures actually suffered with more physical issues than people who were optimistic about their futures.  Here's the article:

Ok, I do try to be optimistic, but what person with ms isn't worried about the future?  I guess the key is to keep the worry at bay and to not let it interfere with your hopes and dreams.  I have been trying to practice this the past couple of days and it does seem to help my emotional state.  I try to practice positive self-talk and so when scary thoughts enter my mind (like "what if I can't dance with my sons at their weddings") I realize the harm that the thought can bring to me (emotionally and physically) and turn it around so I am telling myself "I will dance at my son's weddings".  I even picture a healthy, energetic me having a great time.

We may not be able to cure ms, but we can beat it.  I will not lay down to this disease.  I will fight it every step of the way because it is not welcome here!

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