Monday, May 9, 2011

I did it!!!

That's right.  I did my first injection of Avonex.  Here's how it went....

I got a call from Biogen wanting to set up my delivery of Avonex.  I am still in the waiting process, but got a free month supply so that was being sent to me.  The representative asked if I needed a nurse to come and show me how to do the injection.  She caught me off guard, which was good, and I just "sucked it up" as my son would say and said, "yes".  The nurse contacted me and was able to come on Friday afternoon, which is when I thought it would be best to do the injection.  She was great.  She spent about an hour with me and it was finally time to do the injection.  She kept saying, "just do it... go ahead and do it..... just do it"..... and I did!  It really didn't hurt at all.  The needle went in easily and it was truly no big deal.

My doctor only wants me to do half a dose for the first 4 weeks so my body gets used to the med.  It did make me tired and gave me a headache, even with Alleve.  Nothing I can't manage.  I really didn't feel myself until about 24 hours after the injection.  Now I'm wondering if Thursday would be best for the injection.  I hate to spent half my weekend feeling poorly.  I think I'll give it a couple of weeks and see how I feel.

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