Monday, September 5, 2011


I finished all of my testing before beginning Gilenya.  These included blood work and urinalysis, TB test and EKG.  I recently had an MRI and eye exams so I didn't have to do those over again.  Now I wait for the blood work to come back and to hear from my insurance and I can schedule the initial 6 hour appointment.

I'm curious to see how my chicken pox "test" came out.  I never had it as a child and was tested to see if I was immune prior to getting pregnant with my second child.  I wasn't immune so I was immunized against it.  If I'm not still immune I'll have to be immunized (and probably wait a bit- not sure how long) prior to beginning Gilenya.

On a not so good note, I believe I'm beginning an exacerbation.  On Friday I was having numbness in my fingers and toes.  Also weird tingling/numbness in my legs and more leg tiredness than usual.  Well, the finger and toe numbness has lessened, but the legs still don't feel good.  Figures that this happens right before the start of school and my going back to work.

If I still don't feel well tomorrow I'll have to call the doc and try to get in.  If I do need solu-medrol I think I'll have to wait to begin the Gilenya.  Great.....

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